From players and CDís to TVís and DVDís.









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Abyss Self Storage


0428 229 771

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From tables and chairs to dolls and teddy bears.

You can store just about anything!








From trikes to bikes.

From boxes and toys to bookcases and tall-boys.








From whatís on your bed to whatís in your shed.








From suitcases to bootlaces.

From socks and jocks to summer tops.

From pots and pans to spinning fans.

From pianos to wheelbarrows.

Storage Solutions

From tools to inflatable pools.

For any enquiries please contact Kym on:

Mobile: 0428 229 771


E-mail: store@abyssselfstorage.com.au

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- 5 Palmer Crescent, Bunbury, WA, 6230

Postal Address:

- PO Box 392, Bunbury, WA, 6231