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Business Storage


Self Storage Helps

Many businesses use up valuable showroom or office space just to store boxes of old paperwork.

Get it out of your hair and be more productive by putting those "need to keep for legal reasons" documents into storage. 


Self Storage Helps

Stock room out of control?

New stock for upcoming sales has arrived and you need room to sort.

Show room floor  just too cluttered.   Have you got 100 of the same item tripping your customers up.

Then of course we can help.

Abyss Self Storage has room to keep your stock items all organised and ready to go.


Self Storage Helps

Moving across town.

Found the perfect but smaller shop;

Store those large or slow moving items whilst you refurbish or fit out.

This is why Abyss Self Storage is perfect for you.

For all enquiries please contact Kym on:
Mob: 0428 229 771
or e-mail:

Site Location: 5 Palmer Crescent, Bunbury, WA, 6230

Postal Address: PO Box 392, Bunbury, WA, 6231.

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