Domestic Storage


  • Selling your house and need to hide away those personal items for security reasons and to declutter your home.
  • We can help you. Self storage can help you make a better impression for your prospective new home owners.
  • We often have things in our house that only we love! Give your house or unit a "display home feel" by removing untidiness in your home.
  • Consider that what might be "uniquely you", may distract a buyer from seeing the potetial in your house.


  • Waiting for settlement?
  • Are you planning to paint a few rooms or carpet before all that furniture goes in?
  • There are many reasons why putting some of those "I don't need it now goods" into storage.
  • The "your going to be in my way goods" can be left in storage for a few months whilst you personalise your new home and not get paint all over that nice couch!

2 into 1

  • Moving in with a mate or you have found that forever partner - Obviously you have two of everything!
  • No time to sell, you have just found the perfect rental. But it does not have room for two fridges, two washing machines and six beds!
  • Whilst you get settled, self storage will keep you from climbing over everything!


  • Interstate visitor;
  • Looking after a sick family member;
  • 2 Month work contract . . . "no worries mate, you can stay here";
  • Mum  - I cannot find another rental place;
  • Need to put a few items away or everything away for a while.
  • This is why Abyss Self Storage is perfect for you.
  • If it is a bedroom or a full house you can keep your goods secure until you need them again.

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